07/11/2017 - New bistable Rotary solenoid from Geeplus gives new levels of torque

The latest bistable rotary solenoid from Geeplus, the BRS6045G-6, sets a new benchmark for power and performance by providing a higher torque than most similar existing designs.
Capable of >0.4Nm over 90° rotation and >0.6Nm over 60°, the BRS 6045 also enables faster operation with heavier loads. The shaft is supported by ball bearings to provide longer life and operational reliability.
Suited to a number of applications, which include paper handling, mail sorting, diversion gates and selection mechanisms, a further feature of the BRS6045G-6 is that the design of the solenoid is scalable, meaning that, with some tooling changes, larger versions with up to three times the peak torque of the standard model, can be built to suit more demanding applications.T
he device measures 70mm including the shaft, 45mm deep without and has a diameter of 60mm. A video showing the BRS6045G-6 in operation can be seen on the Geeplus website


25/08/2017 - Sancooling DC splash proof centrifugal fans

Sanyo Denki  introduces the new models of splash proof rated IP56 centrifugal fans: 221x71 and 225x99 9W2T. 

Development background:

Higher airflow has been required even for splash proof fans, due to the increase of equipment’s heat generated. Furthermore, the development of splash proof fans has been required not only for outdoor applications but also for new markets such as ventilation or dust collector. 

The target applications include:

  • Telecom
  • Power conditioner
  • Ventilation systems
  • Industrial refrigerator
  • Dust collector

16/05/2017- Sanmotion PB4D Closed loop stepping system

 Sanyo Denki introduces the new SANMOTION PB4D Closed Loop Stepping Systems 4-axis Integrated Driver with EtherCAT interface. This driver is ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications such as:
High-speed fieldbus EtherCAT interface equipped

  • Laser cutting machines
  • Robotics
  • General industrial machinery
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • ...

The main features are:

  • High-speed fieldbus EtherCAT interface equipped
  • Various tyes of encoder : incremental or absolute without battery
  • Flexible system configuration : encoder options, up to 4 axis on same driver
  • Shortens motion completion time