Steel industry

With Delta, Servotroinc is able to offer a specialized range of sensors for the steel industry. This heavy industry places very specific demands on the used sensors in terms of temperature, robustness, controlability, very difficult conditions (steam, water, smoke, ...)…

This productline includes sensors for various types of measurements:
  • Optical barriers: visible light or laser, emiter/receiver or reflecting, long distance
  • Hot metal detectors (based on IR radiation of the product) (from 230°C)
  • Dimensional measurements: CCD camera, triangulation laser, time of flight, …
  • Laser doppler speed and length measurement
  • Flatness measurement
  • Crop vision system
  • Inductive en magnetic proximity switches for high temperature environment

  • Heavy Duty encoders
  • Characteristics:
    • Different outputs: static, relais, RS485, fielldbus
    • Easy commissioning
    • Extremely robust (housing in cast  Alu)
    • Connection for watercooling, compresssed air
    • Adjustable in slope and height
    • Adjustable sensitivity