Piezo actuators

Piezo actuators use to be synonymous with high dynamics, high precision and high forces. Cédrat Technologies raises the bar even higher and comes in the picture where many others can not. They offer different types of actuators and systems based on piezo technology.

APA (Amplified Piezo Actuator):

  • Piezoelectric actuator in a deformable metal frame
  • Larger stroke (up to 1mm) thanks to the deformable structure
  • Low supply voltage (<170V) thanks to multi-layer piezo-ceramic crystals
  • Pretty large forces: up to 1900 N
  • High frequencies: resonance frequency up to 24500 Hz
  • Particularly suited for dynamic applications
  • Nano positioning thanks to infinite resolution
PPA (Parallel Prestressed Actuator)
  • Multi-layer piezo-ceramic actuators in parallel prestressed housing
  • High forces: up to 7000N
  • Stroke up to 114 µ
  • Resonance frequency: up to 32500 Hz
Customizes positioning mechanisms

Cedrat develops nano-positioning mechanisms for various applications based on piezo actuators: space, optics, research, laser technology, fiber-optics, X-ray, ultrasonic detection etc... Electronic drivers and controllers also belong to the product range.